rituals for boredom 

by sarah linda forrer & nadja zerunian

seven rituals
promising a state of composed monotony.


seven tools
encouraging to decelerate,

delay & disconnect.

seven sets
daring to de-stimulate, then detach

before diverting into ultimate boredom & emptiness. 

exquisite materials. essential shapes.

masterfully crafted. 

a conversation,

honoring the emotional state of boredom.


compose / discompose

an archaic game / a predestined composition

arrange - derange - rearrange – repeat

& surrender

to the predictable configuration

and composed state of boredom 

detach / repeat 

aimless activity / determined monotony 

concentrate - trail - engrave - recur

& embrace

the complete nothingness

of dull routine

disconnect / pause

revered moment / reflected halt

pause – breathe - muse – sense

& relish  

the contemplated dullness

of readjusted actuality


infinite task / concentrated presence

separate - isolate - organise - place

& adapt

to the hypnotic vacancy 

of absorbed focus

decelerate / absorb

externalised motion / visualisation of time

fill - immerse - saturate - dissolve

& reflect

on the gradual adaptation

to captivating tedium

de-stimulate / isolate

static absorption of silence / vacated palate

assent - subdue - fade out - dissipate

& disengage 

the saturated mind

from surrounding overflow 

divert / obsess

imperfect stimulation / continuous fascination

discover - touch - fixate - infatuate

& enjoy

the bliss of emptiness

and the existential now

photography by Mark Glassner